Security lock and hard case for 2017 MacBook Air?
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Does anyone know of a security lock for a 2017 MacBook Air that can also be used with a hard case/shell?

My daughter heads off to college with a new laptop. I'd also like her to return from college with the laptop, so some kind of locking cable would be good.

She wants a hard case or shell for it. (It's the current 13" MacBook Air.)

Has anyone used the Maclocks Ledge cable & hard bottom case?

Is there a security cable besides the on the market for the MacBook Air laptops? If not, what do people do to avoid having their laptop ripped off from their dorm room or library carrel?!

Thanks in advance!
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I don't have that exact Maclocks Ledge, but I have a similar one for an earlier Macbook. There's not much to say - it works, it's ugly, it's ridiculously expensive. The screw on the bottom replaces one on the laptop, so it's not going to fall off. The point of the bottom "case" is only to elevate the bottom of the laptop because the Ledge otherwise would extend past the bottom of the laptop.

The usefulness of these is not great though - how is she going to lock it in class, or at a coffee shop? The lock isn't going to do anything if the laptop is in a backpack and the backpack is stolen. If you go this route, make sure to give her more than one cable so that one cable stays at her dorm room and one stays in the backpack, so that she's not constantly needing to remove / install one of the cables and the one in her dorm can stay actually attached to something. Not sure if there's anything unique about the cables, but I would try to see if a non-Maclocks one works too since they are excessively expensive.
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