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I project videos over a friend who plays music. Recently it's gone from projecting pre-made clips over one friend, to projecting live mixed clips, loops and effects over two. I'm wanting tips on good software to investigate, and where I should focus my efforts on skilling up.

This is the kind of thing I make when given enough rope:

I want to know what sort of software is going to help me work with a similar aesthetic live, and not fall into the trap of it looking like a 90s dance party. Currently I use TouchViz on ipad, and I'm exploring TouchDesigner.

I have an iPad, a couple of low spec win/linux laptops, a mid-spec windows gaming PC (gtx 660, i5), and a 3300 lumen projector.

Budget is limited - I don't mind spending money, but am interested in cheap ways to develop the skills and get interesting usable results before I drop big $
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I'm in no way an expert, in that I just do the odd performance and don't know what is 'standard' to use but here's a few bits and pieces of software that might be worth looking at:

Vvvv - a free av visual programming language that can be used live
Pure data / gem - as above but with a different focus, can be used to mix video and apply effects etc.
Maxmsp / jitter - same as pure data but a bit more user friendly, but costs money
Blender - free 3d modelling software, but it can do so much, things like compositing that you would otherwise rely on after effects for can be done in blender. It's such a useful tool to have around.

I think a lot of people use processing for AV performances and unity would seem like a smart way to go too.

But after effects is so powerful, it may be worth learning.

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But also, don't discount analogue things, VHS tapes, 16mm film, slide projectors, ohps!
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Was going to say Touch, but you're already looking at it :)
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