Best brand for Methylfolate supplement?
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Can you recommend a good brand of Methylfolate supplement? A doctor has recommended this product, but I don't know if the recommendation has anything more behind it than "here's the first one I found on the amazon website!" I know that the vitamin and supplement industry is the Wild Unregulated West, and I want tablets that live up to their labeling and use fillers that aren't egregiously objectionable. Is this one worth buying? Would you recommend another?
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Since this is on your doctor's recommendation, you should get a scrip for it and a pharmacy will fill it for you, so you don't need to worry about the sketchy supplement world. Bonus points, your insurance might cover it (mine did!).
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I've taken this one for over a year and I haven't had any adverse effects. Bonus: it's subscribe and save, so I don't have to remember to refill it.
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A clarification: I am in a country where methylfolate is not available, and have to order it off-script from the US. This is why I'm not 100% confident in the doctor's brand recommendation.
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I bought this. I like NOW brand because their products are vegan and natural and tend to have only a few ingredients/no fillers. You can see the ingredients here. The one you listed does seem to have a lot of other crap.
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I take B-Complex +5 mg L-Methylfolate from Quatrefolic from MethylPro . My doctor recommended the site, and I have been happy so far with their services. I don't know if they ship outside the US though.
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My doc recommended this brand. They smell terrible but get great reviews on Amazon, for whatever that's worth.
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