Handyman in Philadelphia?
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Personal recommendations for a residential handyman in Philadelphia? We're up in Fishtown.
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If you strike out here, you might try nextdoor.com which I describe as "Facebook for your neighborhood." The page for my area is pretty active. At its best, it's neighbors helping each other like during a snowstorm. At its worst, it's discussions about who is running stop signs. But, it is a source of local recommendations, especially for things like handy persons.
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You could try the Fishtown is Awesome/Old/new/everyone page. Or if you don't facebook, let me know, I can ask for you and report back.
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Seconding Nextdoor.com. I've found about 10 good handyman, plumber, contractor recommendations from there.
posted by PeaPod at 12:07 PM on August 4, 2017

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