Little Guy Induction Top Fault
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Little Guy Coffee Maker: induction top turns on, turns off immediately

We have a Little Guy Induction Top (espresso maker) that turns on, beeps about 10 times, then turns off... we don't know how to fix it!! It doesn't heat up, any the power cord seems fine. Any advice would be terrific!
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If it's an induction hob it won't heat up on its own, it just makes the coffee maker heat up. Are you switching it on with the coffee maker actually on the hob? It might have a sensor that only allows it to activate if the coffee maker is on it.
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Response by poster: Thanks! The core issue, though, is not the heat (I actually suspect you're right although I hadn't thought of that). The real problem is that we turn it on, it beeps several times (more than the usual two) and then shuts back off again...
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