Recommendations for Pensacola?
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We're flying to Pensacola this weekend to get in some beach time and I'd love some recommendations for things to do/see as well as places to eat. I skimmed previous posts but they're from 2008 and earlier so I was hoping for an update. I've never been though my husband's family made regular visits while he was growing up to visit family. We're definitely going to Lambert's in Foley, AL for the sake of family nostalgia, so anything up that way is also fair game. I currently plan on eating as many shrimp as my greedy heart desires. I'm deliberately leaving this pretty wide open so we don't miss potential neat things!
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I've never been, but be warned, Lambert's had a line around the parking lot last time I drove by -- it was a Sunday morning though. A thunderstorm blew through shortly after, I never saw what happened to the poor drenched roll-seekers.
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The things I like the best:

The Gulfarium
The Gulf Breeze Zoo
Navarre Beach
The Blue Moon Antique Mall
The brick road in Milton (actually looks a bit nicer than the photos because more restoration has happened since they were taken)
The National Naval Aviation Museum (fascinating even if you don't care two cents about Navy airplanes)

As a change from shrimp, there are several locations for Cactus Flower Cafe, which has utterly divine burritos (approved by my California cuisine snob boyfriend!).
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Best answer: Johnson Beach National Seashore is our favorite beach. It is broad, white, fluffy. and if you drive east just a bit it is all but empty. Joe Patti Seafood in Pensacola has great fresh seafood, but the last time we were there the sit-down dining was not available.

Seconding the Naval Aviation Museum.
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Thirding the National Naval Aviation Museum.
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I came here to recommend the National Seashore. Its just gorgeous.

I also like to walk down to the water at the end of downtown and look at the boats and the birds. There is usually a pelican hanging out waiting for the fisherman to throw something.

Bagelheads is an easygoing breakfast we always enjoy.

Walk to the top of the lighthouse.

Go to the fish market and get a fried fish sandwhich, yum.
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Fourthing the aviation museum. If yall are interested in planes, look into the tarmac tour as well as the indoor tour.

If you want to climb the lighthouse on the base, call them in advance and see if the top is open.
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Go to Jerry's to get a bacon cheeseburger and a shake. It's cheap and delicious.
Go to Ozones for pizza and beer.
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Best answer: Take the long (beach) road back from Foley and have a Bushwacker at the Flora-Bama!
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