Can I Eat This?: Mini Bratwurst Edition
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I have a package of mini bratwurst cocktail smokies with a "sell by" date of July 20th. They are vacuum sealed and fully cooked. Can I eat this?

I know you are not my doctor.

The brats have been in the fridge since we bought them. Should we eat them? Here is the package.
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Those things have so much salt I'd eat them next year.
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I would.
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You'd better eat them quickly, or I'm coming over to your house to eat them first. (Which is to say, yes.)
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No question whatsoever, eat with zeal and gusto.
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Oh for sure, eat them. I tend to be cautious about food, and I would not give this a second thought.
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I reread it to make sure you didn't mean July 20th of LAST year. I am really super cautious about food but I would not think twice about eating these.
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The "sell by" date assumes you won't be eating them immediately, anyway.
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Keith Richards will need something to snack on when he survives the nuclear winter and the rest of us don't, so maybe leave them for him. They'll be just what he needs.
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Against the grain, but oh well: I'm never keen to eat pork sausage with that profile. If it were the sort of product that you find hanging unrefridgerated on an endcap, maybe.

But I'm easily skeeved out that way. The Ask Food Safety Committee seems okay with it.

The fact they don't print a use by/freeze by date on the label suggests a more flexible window of enjoyment, or at least survival.

So now I'm talking myself out of my own caution.

For kicks, I just used the company's website contact form to ask their opinion. Pretty sure their lawyers want them to always err on the side of NO, so it might not be super useful, though.
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Thanks, everyone!

I have eaten them
pigs in blankets with mustard
they were delightful

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I was right! About their default answer, anyway. Wishy-washy with a tendency toward "nope."

Here's what what they said in an email to me:
Good morning. We cannot guarantee that it will be safe and at its full quality after the sell by date. Some of the things that we look for when determining whether or not a product is safe is:

· If it was kept refrigerated below 40°F
· Package isn’t bloated.
· Package doesn’t have milky liquid inside the package.
· It doesn’t have a rancid smell when opening the package.

If the product has any qualities that don’t seem right, then we advise you throw away the product. I hope this information answers your question and have a great day!
Glad you're well, and well-fed, cp311 :-)
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