Looking for a good dance spot in NYC this weekend
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I'll be in Manhattan this weekend for the last three Phish shows (Fri-Sun), and for the first time I'll be rolling solo (or can choose to do so) after the shows. At least one night, I would like to go out post-show and enjoy some dance club vibes, but I need some help finding the right spot. Details inside.

My tastes are broad, so I'm not as worried about the music as I am about finding the right crowd/space. I'll be rolling up to the club as a 40-something fat guy by myself, in shorts and sneakers and a collared shirt, not looking to hook up or get rowdy, but nod my head to some great songs and maybe do my little Morrissey flailing-arms dance on the floor for a bit. Anything '80s (pop, goth, new wave) or '90s (hip-hop, Brit pop, alt rock) will do. Casual Googling and the odd previous AskMe question suggest Pyramid Club on Friday or Saturday and Smiths Night at Rumpus Room on Sunday might be good options. I have the Phish-related after-shows covered, so where else could I catch good music, but more importantly, not feel terribly under-dressed or otherwise unwelcome?
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Best answer: The bell house in Brooklyn, if you're willing to travel, is having a 90s night on Saturday, and it's free. The crowd is pretty friendly, and the dj is older than most of the crowd and is fantastic.
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Best answer: Seconding Bell House, though the line to get in can be long. Union Hall (also in Brooklyn) has a DJ starting at midnight, though it can get crowded and hot there.

Also seconding Pyramid Club, where the crowd is very diverse. There is a cover sometimes, but it is reasonable. The venue is small but welcoming. FYI, the Pyramid Club is cash only.
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