Software suggestion to extract messages from iPhone backup
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I'm looking for software suggestions (Mac) that would allow me to get into my iPhone backup and extract the messages in a way that would make it possible to then save and print. I have an extremely important thread that goes back a few months and I need to file it away for safe keeping. I searched previous Ask MeFi posts and saw a couple from 5 years or so ago that say PhoneView might be the one to look into. Does anybody have any experience w/ it? Any other suggestions? Any/all information would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I have successfully used iExplorer in the past, although I haven't used the most recent version. You can save as CSV, PDF, various other formats. It's not free, but it does work!
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I recently ran across Chatology and am very into it. Free trial, I consider it the least-scammy of these sorts of apps I have come across.
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Seconding iExplorer. It works perfectly.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everybody. Looks like I'll be checking out iExplorer first.
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