Houseplant ID, please
August 1, 2017 1:13 PM   Subscribe I want this. It's in the window of a gift shop. It gets very bright, unobscured east light, and seems to be thriving for at least a year now. Owner of the shop doesn't want to sell, and has no idea what the name of the plant is. Any ideas?
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Looks like this, maybe?
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I think that looks like some manner of peperomia.
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Yeah, check this out. Almost positive it's the Peperomia obtusifolia .

If you're curious, my google search was:

indoor potted plant with waxy green rounded leaves
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Confirming Peperomia obtusifolia.
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Peperomia. Easy to grow. They like bright indirect light, good drainage. Poke some holes in the soil with a chopstick to keep the roots aerated, too. DO NOT overwater. They are succulents and will rot if you leave them with wet feet.

If you do overwater and the lower leaves/stem get mushy (I just did this to mine), just chop off the top part- above the mushy stem- and it will easily root in a glass of water, giving you a second chance.
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In my neighbourhood, Home Depot almost always sells small ones, and Ikea occasionally has large ones.
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Was just coming in to say what pseudostrabusmus said: you can find them at Home Depot and Ikea, in both standard and variegated varieties. I just bought one at HD a few days ago, about 8 inches tall, for around $7.
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Well, thanks everyone. I haven't seen this plant for sale anywhere recently. I'll know what to ask for now. This particular plant had a lovely compact structure, which is what made it so attractive.
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It looks like something you could root from a cutting, and pseudostrabismus's comment supports that. Maybe the shop owner would give you a cutting and you could grow your own?
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The growth habit in semisucculents like this (and in many/most other plants) are often due in part to the light levels. Ample bright, diffuse light means the plant doesn't have to send out runners in eleventy different directions to feed itself. If it starts getting leggy and bedraggled looking, it's not getting enough light.
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