Leather staining clothes
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(asking for a friend) My lovely boyfriend gifted me a leather messenger bag for my birthday, but when I wear it, it leaves brown stains on my pants. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening so that I can continue to enjoy the bag and clean pants? Thanks in advance for your leather advice and leather wisdom.
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Is it oiled leather? You can clean it with a glycerin soap and that'll help remove the excess oil. If it's dyed or stained and that's what us rubbing off that's more of a problem. Anything that removes enough of the color to stop it staining will leave the bag looking blotchy.
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I had that happen to me, and I returned it.

Birthday present or not, I'm sure that your boyfriend would understand.
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This transfer or rubbing off of color is generally the result of improper dying, poor dye penetration, or incomplete fixation in the manufacturing process. It is called “crocking.”

Resolene might help.
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