Is this a bed bug?
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Two honest seeming employees at my well rated, apparently clean hotel are very confident that the bug I saw (Picture of suspect) in my bathroom is not a bed bug. I actually don't think that it's a bed bug either, judging from a google image search. Still, I'd like an objective, expert opinion.

So yeah, it's a camera phone picture and my cell phone is about three models out of date now, but the picture is in focus. I think that you can get a sense of the shape of the bug. Sorry, I should have thought to include something for scale. Maybe it was a centimeter long? Don't put too much weight in my estimation of the size. This is in Toronto, in case that's pertinent.

Anyway, I hope that's enough to settle whether or not this was a bed bug. I'm also interested in knowing whether this is some other sort of bug that I should be completely freaked out over.
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Definitely not a bed bug. Some kind of beetle.
posted by conifer at 2:24 AM on July 30 [9 favorites]

Yeah, it’s a ground beetle. If anything, it will be eating smaller insects that might bother you. And for future reference, if it was 1cm it was way too big for a bedbug, which the internet tells me is is maybe 5.5 mm.
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Yeah, definitely not a bed bug!
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Nope, definitely not a bedbug. It's a beetle.
posted by stillmoving at 4:01 AM on July 30

I've had bed bugs, and that is definitely not a bed bug.
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das bedbug
posted by speakeasy at 12:47 PM on July 30

A ground beetle. BugGuide.Net pic.
posted by dws at 2:02 PM on July 30

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