Second-best micro color infusion nyc (no scars)
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I have uneven, overplucked, sparse eyebrows and have been reading about microblading as a solution. But I have concerns about scarring, especially since I'd need to get it done multiple times over my life given it only lasts 1-2 years. It looks like there are other techniques that may minimize scarring risk, but it's hard to find objective information.

So, it looks like standard microblading may lead to scarring if you get it done multiple times because it involves repeatedly cutting the same skin. Whereas Micro Color Infusion (TM) does NOT involve cutting the skin first, and seems to involve implanting the pigment directly (with a... needle? miniature gun?), possibly avoiding scarring if the hype is to be believed. BUT, NanoColor/Micro Color Infusion is a brand name of Dominique Bossavy, the most famous and expensive ($2500, MINIMUM?) person in the field, and while the technique does look different, I'm not convinced there aren't non-famous people doing the basically the same thing for cheaper. I've just not been able to Google for it. So, do you know one? Any insights on the scarring risk for the regular technique? I feel like this is so new in the beauty world that almost nobody's talking about the long-term effects yet.

Any insights on scarring risk for different techniques? Recommendations? I'm in NYC, but I travel sometimes, plus other people read this so don't hold back based on location., if you're too protective of your person to post here but would still be willing to tell me. :)
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I, too have brows with gaps in them and just yesterday got them tinted to give the illusion and fill in the gaps (first time ever). While I was there, I commented on the beautician's unbelievably full and long eyelashes. I kid you not, they looked like the most outrageous eyelash extensions ever. I said as much and she told me that they weren't, they were her own lashes but she grew them that way with a product called EyeNVY or eyenvy I think.

Anyway this apparently works by having you paint it on your lash line every day for three months and it miraculously grows new lashes. I've read some reviews and so far it seems like the real deal (except everyone acknowledges it's not cheap, about $100 a tube.) What does this have to do with you? Well it does the same thing for eyebrows and she said I should use it to fill in the gaps. I'm probably going to try it, her results were very impressive and it's a lot cheaper than alternative options.
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Seems like people are calling this some variation on "nano needle" if you want a more generic term to google.
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Looks like a really hardcore way to fill out your brows - I had not heard of it till your question.
However, I know someone who has had Flirties brow filling 'Flirties semi-permanent 3D brow filling' and it looks pretty great. You'd need to find someone who could do it in the US for you, this just happens to be my local salon.
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Your description of the micro color infusion sounds like tattooing to me. Have you considered cosmetic tattooing? I have a friend who got her brows done and they are fantastic. Strongly considering it myself.
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Ok in your first example, the woman says she "feels like it would scar" -- not that it actually has, or that she has seen it happen.

In the second example, the only reference to scaring is for the 'nano color infusion' (which, yes, is a teeny tattoo needle that inserts pigment) and even that only scars if done too deeply.

If done properly by a licensed salon, microblading should not cause any scarring at all. These are very, very shallow cuts being made -- you have to really cut deeply or take skin off to cause a scar, which this doesn't do.
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