Wow Air - and travel to greece in september
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We are wondering if anyone here has spent time visiting Greece in mid-late september? Also experience flying Wow Air?

Curious about crowds and temps? is it getting too windy and cool to go that time of year? also - has anyone flown Wow Air business class? experience?
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Never flown Wow Air, but went to Greece on our mid-September honeymoon. It was wonderful--not too crowded and perfect mild weather. The sun was hot but the breeze was cool--wear sunscreen even if it doesn't feel that hot. I'm pretty sure it was a nice 75 with the breeze, but when it stopped it would spike to 90 in the sun really fast. Absolutely lovely time to go.
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@gideon - excellent. thank you. adding on a little here. We'd like to go SF > Tel Aviv > Greece and then back out of Tel Aviv or Athens. If anyone has experience mixing and matching we'd love to hear your experience as well.
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My Dad (late 50s) met me in Europe two weeks ago and flew home on Wednesday via Wow. He had the XL seats, but not business. We left on separate airlines and I went to the checkin counter with him, where I was quite happy with the counter service at baggage drop. We checked in online for his flight the night before and that process was easy. I had read reviews that the airline sometimes has "technical glitches" with maintaining seat assignments from booking to flight, but Dad's seats remained the same in the front of the plane.

He connected through Iceland and when he reached the states, his bags didn't. The airline rep in Pittsburgh indicated that this was an ongoing problem...not sure if just on that route or in general. Otherwise, he was quite happy with this experience on the airline.
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We flew WOW Air to Iceland this summer. We ended up in bulkhead seats which had plenty of leg room but we had to put out bags overhead during take off and landing. Worked out OK but I might pick different seats next time.
We booked our original tickets several months ahead of a our travel dates. A few weeks later, we were notified that BOTH of outbound and return flights had been cancelled. We opted to reschedule one and cancelled (and rebooked on a different airline) for the other. We did get a full refund on the cancelled leg.
Everything else was fine and I would do it again, especially since it allowed us to fly nonstop, saving several hours of travel time.
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We flew WOW direct from BWI to Iceland two years ago and had no problems (we chose WOW for that trip because it was exactly half the price of the major carriers). Just make sure you're clear on what amenities/luggage are included with your flight and plan accordingly in advance. I can't speculate on a longer and more complex route.

A friend was excited that United started direct flights from SFO to TLV, so that could actually be a much better routing if you are going to Tel Aviv as well. Turkish Air and Aegean have a lot of flights at a reasonable price between TLV and ATH, so you could piecemeal that stage.

I find shoulder season the best time to travel to a destination so wouldn't hesitate to book for September.

Enjoy your journey.
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As perrouno has mentioned, Turkish is also a good airline to consider if you're trying to keep costs down. Istanbul is a crowded airport but it's pretty easy to change planes there, and the duty free has samples of Turkish delight.
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I flew Wow Air to Germany and back last month. The flights are scheduled so that you have a very long layover at Keflavik - mine was 16 hours. They should rename Iceland to Holyshitthisplaceisridiculouslyexpensiveland. So, depending on what you plan to do during your layover, you can easily blow a chunk of your fare savings.

I had planned to take the bus into Reykjavik and see some sights during my layover, but because I am this idiot, I was exhausted when I got there, and just wanted to sleep. That eight hours of sleep ended up costing me about $150 all in. Throw in a couple of meals, and I was well over 200 bucks.

Bring lots of non-perishable food and an empty water bottle, unless you want to pay 25 bucks for a sandwich and a drink.
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