Is there a service in New York for apartment / wardrobe makeover?
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Is there a person or service in New York/Brooklyn to help make over my apartment and potentially my wardrobe?

I'm a guy in my 40s going through a divorce. I'm am too stressed out by this and juggling various other things to set up my new apartment and prepare to be single. I want my apartment to be stylish. In preparation for dating (as much as typing this is making me sad right now) I want to take better care of myself and have a better wardrobe and don't even know how/where to start.

I don't know where to shop, what to put on my walls, how to make a place stylish or where to buy new clothes. Rather than casting around in the dark, I'd love a person or service that can actually meet me to help with this. Is there anyone you can recommend?
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If you MeMail me I can refer you to a wonderful NYC apartment organizer who will telepathically understand what you want, and the apartment weight will be lifted from your shoulders.

I don't think wardrobe involves the same skill set. I'd suggest you pick a store you like and find a regular salesperson or personal shopper there.
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For your apartment, the person you are looking for is an interior designer. My boyfriend is one and might be able to get you a reference or even might be interested in your project himself. (He's in Boston but occasionally travels to NYC.) Memail for more! It would also help to know your budget.

Agree with JimN, wardrobe consulting/personal shopping for clothing is a separate thing.
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If you are willing to spend$$$ then you can get a 'free' personal shopper at Bloomingdales who will choose clothes for you and then you pay for the ones you want.
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We've had great luck with Stitch Fix, and I know there are several other services that will pick out clothes and send them to you, you try them on and either keep or send back.
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