No-toe-seam men's socks
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Looking for recommendations for fashionable, comfortable, quality mens socks that have extremely smooth toe seams, or no toe seams at all.

My husband can't STAND feeling any sort of crease or seam or wrinkle on his toes. I even have to sew special elastic boxes on all of our fitted sheets to keep the bottom of the sheet extremely smooth and taut because wrinkles in sheets by his feet keep him up all night. For this reason my husband wears only one type of sock - McGregor Happy Foot socks - and the only reason why he sticks with them is because of the smooth toe seam. He can't feel a seam on the top or bottom. However, they are ugly and wear out quickly, so quickly that every six months or so he has to toss out all his socks and repurchase a new set. Despite the waste and ugliness of the socks, he is pretty convinced that they are the only socks in the world that have a comfortable toe box.

I want to up his sock game. His birthday is coming up and I'd like to surprise him with a couple pairs of quality socks that are extremely comfortable for him, but also longer lasting and less ugly. I would love to be able to get him some different colours and patterns, but the smooth toe box is absolutely key.
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For this exact reason, I wear all my socks inside out. Might this be an option for your husband? It obviously wouldn't work for fancy patterned socks, but my plain black ribbed socks look fine with the ribbing inverted.
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The solution to this problem is Darn Tough socks! I can't feel the seam at all in them (first socks I've ever worn like that), and they have a lifetime guarantee. They are pricey, but worth it. I've slowly replaced my entire sock collection with Darn Toughs and don't plan to ever buy another brand.
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Goodhew. I've gotten mine at Sierra Trading Post for half off or more, but never in the best designs. Lately my husband's started stealing the black ones, probably because they are truly seamless and lightweight and temperature regulate like wool socks do without being scratchy. We've got icebreakers and smartwool and various blend socks but these are basically are the best everyday lightweight socks. Still holding up with slight pilling after 4-5 years of frequent wear.
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Running and camping/hiking shops usually have a wide variety of seamless socks. A large enough store might even stock something that comes close to being dressy.
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My tactile defensive issues lead me to being extremely fussy about socks. I really like these. They're a dual layer running sock that feel seamless.
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Diabetic socks usually (always?) have no seams. You could google to find some good ones.
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I believe Bombas have no toe seam.
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Seconding Darn Tough Socks; they do technically have a seam, but they take great pains to make the seam flush with the rest of the fabric, since these socks are targeted at hikers/outdoorspeople where intrusive seams can lead to blisters. (I had thought they were seamless, and I certainly can't feel the seam, but I pulled one off just to make sure I wasn't mistaken.)
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Thirding Darn Tough. I have your husband's feet, have done ever since I was a child. I can't stand feeling seams and lumps and creases in the toes of my socks. It drives me absolutely bonkers—I feel twitchy and irritable and I can't stop thinking about it until I fix it. I also use my feet pretty hard; I work outside and do a lot of hiking and backpacking. My primary shoe types are work boots and hiking boots.

I have begun a project of standardizing my summer sock collection on Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Socks. I'm changing over from Smartwool, so I've been a sock snob for a long time, but these things are the softest, smoothest, most perfectly-form-fitting socks I have ever had the pleasure of wearing, bar none. They stay comfortable all day long with minimal adjustment, even when literally scaling mountains. They have yet to lose that "brand new sock" feeling after about a month of hard use in heavy rotation. They have an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

I find they run true to size.
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Oh, and I researched the heck out of my Darn Toughs before I bought my first pair. The specific model I mention above is the unanimous favorite summer sock of every hiking gear review site I give a damn about. Definitely recommend getting that specific one.
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CloudLine Socks have a smooth toe seam and the merino wool is super soft and comfortable. They offer a lifetime guarantee so if your husband doesn't love them you can easily get your money back.
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