Do I have any hope of unlocking my remotely locked Android phone?
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I did a series of dumb things and now my Nexus 5x Android phone is locked. I have the credit card I used to purchase it and will be at the address where it was delivered is there any remote chance of getting it unlocked if I can prove it is mine?

Series of dumb things:

1. Bought the Nexus 5x and brought it on a trip. I used it to record research interviews (I had a second recorder too, so I have that audio) but also took a bunch of photos. One of those photos is important but probably replaceable, but I'd like to get all of them. No, they are not in the cloud because I was on a temporary local sim with limited data and crappy wifi networks.

2. Came back and almost immediately "lost" the phone. I thought for sure I'd left it in the men's room down the hall at work.

3. All sort of accounts were linked to the phone, so I used to lock it remotely. (That was really dumb. Because I did not have a local sim in it at that point so I should have known it was on the university network, but somebody could have had it in a classroom....)

4. Jotted down the new password for the lock. (Really dumb because I was in such a rush, I lost that note. Post-it de-posted.)

5. The next week found the phone under a bunch of crap in my office.

6. Tried so many of the ways I might have set the password but none of them work because I was so "secure." Now, it tells me I have 8 more tries before the phone is wiped.

I can prove I'm the idjit who bought the phone and screwed it up. I know the answer is pretty much no, but is there any way of getting the Goog to unlock me? Anyone ever done this? It was a while ago, so the phone doesn't even show up any more in Devices under my Google account because it was more than 28 days ago.

Or, just tell me to give up, enter 8 more wrong passwords, and let the phone wipe itself. I don't care if it sits or stands.
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My first step would be trying to find that post-it. Is it feasible to backtrack everywhere it could have fallen off?
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I once changed my phone password in my sleep.

I found a phone unlocking app that I was able to download onto my phone through my Google account via another device (possibly my laptop? It's been a while...) that allowed me to remotely unlock my android phone. I don't recall the details now but I'm sure something similar still exists.
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Might be an avenue of attack here:
That page lists a few methods for different scenarios.
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