Your favorite sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner
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Give 'em to me. Mostly looking for good quality, but also looking for amazing smell-ness, so I can look forward to and feel pampered during shower time.

If it matters - my scalp is on the greasier end, semi-wavy medium-thick asian hair. Not into super duper floral, but do love me some jasmine/monoi. Open to every other fragrance. Was excited to order this orange creamsicle-scented set but it's sold out. The last set I used was the R+Co Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo/Conditioner which hit the spot but I'm getting scent fatigue. It was absurdly pricey for 500ml of total product, but also worth it since it has lasted me quite a while and made my hair feel clean/healthy and smelled ughhhmazing.
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I am a huge fan of the Amika brand, it is pricey but smells amazing and is very effective.
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Best answer: I've been using Kevin Murphy products which are even more silly pricey but I only wash my hair every few days so lasts a while. Smells amaze. I can never really tell if shampoo does anything special for my hair, but my hair stylist swears my scalp and hair are much less dry and brittle than before. [I have v thick naturally curly hair that I punish by blow-drying straight.]
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Best answer: Living Proof products. They cost an arm and a leg, but last quite a while.
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Slightly pricey, lasts forever (I use nickel-sized blob of both shampoo and conditioner). I'm not familiar with their entire line but what I use is color safe. I wash my hair upside down in a sink just so I can breathe in the conditioner. Heavenly!
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I recently bought this shea-based shampoo and I am so happy with it. Smells amazing, sulfate-free, non-drying, and it leaves my hair wavy in the way I like. Most other shampoos leave it fluffy and overly-stripped. I literally look forward to washing my hair now and get actively bummed when it is a non-hair-washing day (it seriously smells amazing.)
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Also, it doesn't smell like coconut, as someone answered in the reviews I linked. It is more of a complex spicy warm scent.
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I love most of the SheaMoisture line.
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Pureology, mentioned above, is indeed pricey. But Costco's Kirkland brand Moisture Shampoo is supposed to be very similar. I'm not sure if it smells the same as Pureology, but I'm using it as my main shampoo right now and plan to repurchase when I run out.

If you liked the idea of orange creamsicle scent and are OK with very mild sulfates, Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo is worth a try. Smells like peaches.
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I like EO products (currently into citrus-mint). Admittedly, I use more shampoo than I would with other brands, though I haven't tried other sulfate-free shampoos that I recall, so perhaps that is normal? I find them sometimes at Grocery Outlet, but you can also find at least some of the products at some Whole Foods. And of course you can order online.
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Seconding SheaMoisture. I've used the Superfruit & Fruit Fusion Coconut Water lines.
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Nature's Gate herbal daily cleanse shampoo. In the neighborhood of $9 for an 18 oz bottle, usually found at health food stores.
Desert Essence coconut conditioner. Around $8 for an 8 oz tube. Also found in Whole Foods and the like.
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Oh also:
I don't know if all of the Carol's Daughter monoi hair products smell like the monoi oil serum, but if they do then definitely look into those. I have actually dabbed the monoi oil serum on my wrists because it smells that amazing.
Looks like the shampoo is sulfate-free but the conditioner isn't, so read the fine print.
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