What's the best replacement for my Blu-Ray player?
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I have a Blu-Ray player that's dying, and I'd like to replace it. Because I'm not a cable subscriber, I'm not sure if I should get something like a Roku or other kind of box.

My apartment building includes our cable in our rent, so I don't have a cable subscription. I just plug into the wall and get some basic cable channels and HBO for free. I don't have a box or a DVR and no access to on-demand services. I do subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime (streaming through the Blu-Ray player), and I'd like to keep watching those on TV not my laptop. I'd like to be able to time-shift shows, like watch The Daily Show the next day since I don't stay up that late.

Is there something out there that would let me do this, or should I just update the blu-ray player?
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Best answer: A Roku would let you do this, and so would a new Blu-Ray player (unless it's pretty bare bones.) Do you watch DVDs?
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Response by poster: I do still have a 1 DVD subscription as part of my Netflix package, but I don't really need to have it. Those are the only DVDs that I watch.
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Best answer: I have tried the streaming devices, and like Roku better than any of them. If you don't own DVDs, I'd go that route. Most modern Blu-Ray/DVD players have most of the apps (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Sling, etc.) on them, but I really like the Roku's operating system.
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Best answer: The Roku works better as a streaming player than pretty much anything else. It will work better than the Internet streaming support in a Blu-Ray player or built into the TV. If you don't watch discs, just get a Roku.
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You could get a PS4? : )
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Best answer: Roku is the best for streaming. Has a very nifty search function too.
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I used to use my PS3 as both my Blu-Ray player and my streaming box, but after I discovered the hassle that was the Playstation Network, and how they throttle speeds, I bought a Roku player and never looked back.

I HIGHLY recommend that you check them out. Grab an inexpensive Blu-Ray player at Walmart or Target or Amazon for your disc playing needs and rock on.
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We have an older bluray, xbox 360, Fire stick and Fire 2 stick, Roku stick, and AppleTV and I probably like the Fire sticks a teensy smidge best (even before the Alexa aspect, which is definitely even more of a plus) for general user interface experience and remote control. I really dislike the Roku stick remote for all kinds of reasons, including not being able to use it without looking at it.

We do still use the Roku (bedroom TV) and AppleTV (lesser-used living room TV) but the two Fire sticks are on our main TV and our portable projector, which we use the most.
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I very much enjoy my Roku, but the biggest issue I have with it is poor quality audio streaming Netflix. I've never been able to resolve it - all other Roku streaming channels sound fine, the Roku box is wired, and Netflix sounds great when run on my PS3.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! I set up my new Roku Premiere this weekend, and it was very easy to use, totally intuitive. I didn't have audio problems with streaming, and I am using the phone app more than the physical remote.
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