What was this youth Christian romance-ish novel I loved as a teen?
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Who can ID this book?

This was about 15 years ago. I don't remember how old the book was but it seemed to be fairly contemporary, maybe '70s-'90s.

The protagonist was a female teenager and a good Christian. She befriends kind of a wild child, possibly named Jenny but maybe I am misremembering. Protagonist liked a boy named Jameson but it seems he has feelings for maybe-Jenny. Jenny is kind of slutty in a very PG way. Protagonist is hurt and struggles with how to deal with the whole thing.

There is a church hay ride at some point. Protagonist's family/mother impart their wisdom upon her and tell her to keep the faith and that Jenny comes from a broken home and is not as blessed as protagonist.

In the end it turns out Jameson does have feelings for protagonist and only gave maybe-Jenny the time of day because she was pushy and he was too nice to say no. While this whole time protagonist was jealous of maybe-Jenny, towards the very end maybe-Jenny tells protagonist that she is, in fact, jealous of her and they all make friends and be good Christians together.

Sound familiar to anyone?
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Sounds like The Tender Years by Janette Oke?
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Bingo. That is the one. Thank you!
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