What websites integrate footnotes well?
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I'm creating footnote-heavy content for a website. Can you point to any websites that do footnotes well?

Hoping to find design and implementation inspiration.
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(Parenthetical note: A pet peeve of mine is that too many essay writers for the web use footnotes that would have been better served as parenthetical notes.)
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Edward Tufte style, using sidenotes rather than footnotes.
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Fireside's 2016 #BlackSpecFic Report uses footnotes in a way that I personally really like (because it's obvious that there are notes, I can read them in their entirety without losing my place, and they also live at the bottom of the page so I can see them all later/c&p if needed). I realize the design will feel too intrusive to some people.
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Wait But Why (example post, cmd-f for 'click these') and Marco Arment's blog both do footnotes quite nicely, with popups. In Arment's case, they are also at the bottom of the post.
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The Tufte style sidenotes seem to work better given the nature of a website, where footnotes would require you to constantly scroll down, then back up, hopefully not losing your place in the process.
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Seconding TomFoolery, came here to post Genius also. That always seemed the best way to me - I it much better than the popup style, since the popup tends to cover the actual text. I like the Tufte style also (unsurprisingly, since it's similar), but the Genius variety seems like it'd work best when there's a lot of notes and they're very long.
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I would agree that the tufte style one suffers where individual notes are all really long. If it's multiple short notes it still works ok.
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