53g of powdered ginger, what to do?
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Just received a big jar of powdered ginger -- what to make with it?

I slice up ginger root preliminary to most wok cooking, but don't know what to do with the powdered stuff. Baking? Cookies? I guess it's an ingredient in ginger snaps, but what's your recommendation?
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sprinkle it on coffee - mmm, delicious
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Where'd you get it from? My mother adores this stuff, uses it in everything that could possibly benefit from the addition of ginger in any form (and, probably many things that don't) but we can't find it anymore!
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That's a lot of ginger. Gingerbread cookies are good. I think ginger beer is also popular, although I've never tried it myself. This page has a buttload of recipes using ginger. Plus be sure to check out the main page which features a man ballroom dancing with a ginger root. Scary stuff.
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It's from Penzeys.
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I use it in stir fries.
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Ahhh! Ginger people! I saw a label on a salad dressing or something from this company that still freaks me out. Those recipes look good, but those people have an unnatural relationship with ginger, far beyond normal spice- person relations.
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The Mole family went on their sunday morning stroll though the network of tunnels. When they came to a hole, Mama Mole stuck her head out, sniffed, and said "smells like somebody is baking gingerbread". Papa Mole stuck his head out next to Mama's and said the he thought he could smell ginger. Baby Mole then chimes in "all I smell is molasses".
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Not cooking related, but I have found powdered ginger an excellent remedy for motion sickness (and, to a lesser extent, nausea in general).

So maybe now you can take that boat trip you've been waiting for.
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Ginger ale 0.04%
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I've been drinking straight ginger-tea lately, via boiled sliced root. It's better than I imagined, and it takes a fair chunk of ginger to get something potent, so I'd go through 53g in no time. Tea is a bit lackluster, I admit.
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Oh, and you can use the worlds healthiest foods doo-dad to find recipes by ingredient..

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If you want something hot to drink, one of my favorite decaf drinks is just a mug of hot water with a little lemon juice, a pinch of ginger, and maybe some honey. A lot of people use this as a sore-throat cure, too.
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Home remedy for a sore back: make a paste of powdered ginger and vaseline, and schmear it on. It will feel like your back is on fire, and it works. (You won't want to wear a shirt or lean against a sofa or anything while you're using it, though)
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Mind you, it would take a while to get through 53g of the stuff though.
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When consumed, ginger is said to bring blood flow to the genital region.

It is also supposed to be good for digestion.
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Powdered ginger is apparently used in preference to the fresh stuff in North African cuisine, for example in tagines.
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Powdered ginger is great in marinades. I use it all the time because it infuses the liquids with more of a ginger flavor then adding a bunch of sliced ginger root. Plus, sometimes when you're using fresh stuff, the little diced pieces can get burned on the grill/in the pan and taste bitter.

For example, here's a simple recipe for a turkey marinade that's really tasty.
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Oh yeah, powdered ginger is also used in pumpkin pie spice. You'd have to make a ridiculous amount to use up your whole jar, but that would just mean a truckload of pumpkin pies, which would be a thing of beauty and I'd appreciate an invitation.
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If you eat meat, it's a great addition to a beef-noodle soup. Better than the root, because you can get a nice strong ginger flavor.
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If you're going to ingest large amounts of ginger, you may want to keep an eye out for side effects. Once, I started getting nosebleeds (and a small cut didn't want to clot) after drinking 3 cups of ginger tea a day for about a week. I did a little googling and found out ginger's an anticoagulant.

as for what to do with it, I often throw it in chocolate-based goodies.
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People use methods similar to the one leapingsheep mentions for various sexual activities. Try searching for "figging" if you are feeling adventurous.
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You can make a great marinade for tofu & mushrooms by mixing equal parts tamari and sesame oil, then adding in some salt, pepper, and powdered ginger. Yum!
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coriolisdave, you can usually find this stuff at Indian grocery stores...
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