Places to hide clues for a Soho scavenger hunt
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I'm throwing a party in London, a city I'm familiar with but not intimately. One activity is a scavenger hunt, to be held around the area of Broadwick Street, Soho. I'm looking for five or six clever, inconspicuous places in that area where I can hide paper clues without them being instantly destroyed or discarded. Everyone participating is an able-bodied young man so the harder they are to reach, the better...
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Ooh, it's not like I can give you direct advice but I can't not think of the "Ghost Map" when you mention Broadwick Street. Maybe it's too morbid, but I once made a treasure hunt based on a real grave robbery so I'm not the person to ask. You know, it's educational…
Here's a TED talk about it
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There are a couple of spots where Marshall Street bends into Foubert's place. It's not so heavily trafficked as Broadwick Street so might be easier to plant items.

There's a wooden bench under which a note could be taped, there are railings against the wall next to it where you could tie a note fairly unobtrusively, or any of the lamp posts down here could accommodate a strung envelope.

There's also a narrow, shallow alcove where the bricks of the old City of Westminster Dwellings building meets the modern unit to the left of it. Could have a cool clue - e.g. something about where old city bends to the new or somesuch?
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I'd recommend getting a few small containers with tight lids, some black duct tape and small powerful magnets. You can assemble these into black magnetic capsules which can be stuck to the back of signposts, railings and so forth. They are very hard to find unless you know where to look. You can seal your paper inside so it's protected from any bad weather.
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You should maybe avoid doing it tomorrow though, in case it gets confused for a totally different 5 clue scavenger hunt around Soho.
(Or you could see if they come up with any good hiding places and copy them?)
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