Cross rural China by train - must see places to stop in between?
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I'm planning a trip to China and would like to see more of the countryside, starting from the east and moving by train to Xinjiang. Recommendations on rural pitstops along the way?

The silver lining of unemployment is that I can finally plan a more extensive vacation to explore China, which I have seen very little of (Ningo and Xi'an).

I did look over this post: but would like to see if there's more recent insights from the hive mind.

My destination is Urumqi in Xinjiang, but I'd like to stop by Anhui to see my grandparents' hometown and other more rural and countryside towns. It seems that Xinjiang has recently been connected to major cities via the country's high speed rail network, but I'm in no particular rush and would like to meander and explore more extensively.

Recommendations for a starting node (I'll be flying in from Taiwan) and places to see and relax, do some hiking and some writing would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!
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I live in Hong Kong and my students keep telling me to go to these places:


Dunhuang and the Mogao Caves

Kanas Lake

Huangshan (near your Anhui people?)

All the imperial heritage stuff in Beijing (These are essentials, even with the pollution!)

Kashgar's Old Town

They also told me all about this list of officially great places in China.

Happy travels!
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My family is from Anhui and I've been to Huangshan multiple times, about to go again later this year. It is truly spectacular despite the crowds--and if you're willing to hike up to one of the mini-peaks or the back side of the mountain there are fewer people.

Everything else in Anhui is kind of meh, to be honest, but don't miss Huangahan if you're at all interested in natural beauty.
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