Help me make Japanese Shrimp Sauce, Jacksonville Florida style.
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Help me make Japanese Shrimp Sauce, as found in Jacksonville, Florida.

Yellow/Dark Orange Cream sauce, found at practically every place Japanese food is served at in Jacksonville, Florida.

MANY MANY Google searches, hours of trying recipes have yeilded nothing.

Here is what I can tell you about it:
-It is creamy, and if left for a long period oil droplets will start to separate.
-It doesn't have a distinct flavor, like soy, garlic, MAYO (you cannot taste mayo if it contains it), vinegar, ginger, or mustard. Some places do add ginger, or mustard, but that is not true to the basic recipe.
-The sauce itself, in its best form, is orange, smooth and textureless, will coat a spoon, and has small dark orange/red bits (not flying fish eggs, they aren't firm).
-The sauce is savory, served cold, and definitely contains perishable dairy or egg products.
-It is recommended for use with vegetables, fish, and chicken.

I'm relatively sure the recipe MUST contain cream (or butter, perhaps), and it does not contain anything with texture, including black pepper, sesame seeds, chopped garlic or ginger. It does not have tomatos in it, as far as I know.

I know SOMEONE out there has to know the recipe. At least 40 unaffiliated Asian restaurants in the Jacksonville area serve it.
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Why not just ask one of the restaurants what it's called and what's in it?
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mayo, paprika, let sit for around 5 hrs
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It's spicy mayo, with paprika. The Japanese serve it with lots of different things (tastes great with fried whale...)
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A roommate of mine made it once using this recipe. It was pretty much like the restaurant stuff, and didn't taste too strongly of mayonnaise, even though it has a huge amount of mayo in it.

For variant recipes, google Japanese shrimp sauce recipe. Lots of results.
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Yeah, I've tried the completely mayo based recipes and that isn't it.
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