Help finding a dress!
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Can you help me find a dress exactly like this that's available in my size (US 16)? I'm looking for knee length or midi, button down, cotton or linen, seersucker or white or chambray, with straps wide enough that I can wear a normal bra.
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Two things about the dress you like that you don't put in your description are the scoop neck and the A-line silhouette. Are those also important?

I'm finding that a lot of button-down dresses are shirt-dresses, which have a collar, even if they're sleeveless. Would that serve? Like this one?
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Also, you're set on the color -- white/chambray? Here is a similar dress but in floral
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This is pretty close in silhouette although has dark buttons
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That's a lined lightweight dress (or a dress with a sheer overlay); do you need that part too?
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Response by poster: Yes, scoop neck and a-line or straight skirt are important. Overlay is not necessary!
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If none of the above links work out for you, eShakti offers customization options on their dresses, including neckline, length, and sleeves. If you can find the color/fabric you like, you might be able to customize it into the dress you're looking for.
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Seconding checking out eShakti. My friend was married this weekend and wore 2 dresses she had made there and they were really gorgeous. Plus pockets!
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