How can I find lost money?
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Finding lost money filter. I was the executor for my Dads estate. The bulk of the work was done long ago, but I'm getting contacted by a company that says they know about some money still in his name. What can I do to find these funds myself?
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Without more information it will be somewhat difficult to help. What the nature and amount of the money we are talking about? What does this company do and why do they claim to know about this money? If you suspect something is wrong, perhaps you can contact your State Attorney Office information service to see if this isn't a common scam (if the company is Nigerian and their letter starts with "I'M THE FORMER NIGERIAN MINISTER OF NAIVE FOREIGNERS' FUNDS AND IT CAME TO MY ATTENTION THAT..." you may want to forget the whole thing).
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Response by poster: Nah, it's not Nigeria. It's a company that does this full time I guess. They are saying they have found a specific amount of money in his name that's gone unclaimed. I'm guessing it's stocks or something like that, but I don't know and they aren't going to tell me till I sign away their 35% cut. Before I do that I want to see if there is more I can do myself.
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Best answer: You don't say in your profile where you are, but if you're in the US many states have a website with just this information on-line. The Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse may be able to help.
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I got $130 here from the State of Texas. It was an old security deposit I left with a power company 10 years ago. If you're in the U.S., check your local state comptroller's office to see if they have a similar search. Since it's public record this kind of agency might be where that company is getting the listings from.
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Also thumbs-up to Floydd's link.
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I know in Florida the state would make an effort to contact everyone once a year who had 'zombie' bank accounts, but a huge amount remained unclaimed. There's an article about it here but the only really worthwhile link is, which Floydd already provided.

I imagine you can find this yourself if you try; companies working on spec like that aren't going to have a lot of money tied up in per-account costs and they're presumably working off public records exclusively. The Florida website even talks about how you buy the records, presumably to track down people like you...
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Response by poster: Wow, Floydd, great link...didn't find anything for Dad, but my husband will be getting $200.00. (Yeh!)
Since these sites diddn't pan out I'm back to thinking it could be stocks....any ideas on how to look for those?
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Hey, Floydd, there's some money for my family (not me, sadly) at that link! Awesome! Thanks!
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You both owe me a beer.

The only states in the Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse database are:
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

If your dad had business in a state not listed above, you'll have to search each state individually:

Indiana (With "Buck, the Money Dog!")
New York
Rhode Island
and theres a NEW Mexico now!
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Response by poster: He lived his entire life in Washington State, but I'm not finding anything here. I'll go down your list. If this works I'll owe you more than a beer!
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Oh, and
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Response by poster: Dang, I was hoping it was land in Hawaii...but no such luck.
Anybody ever dealt with these sort of companies? Any luck getting that rate down?
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Here's another database that might help, The National Unclaimed Property Database. (reg. required)

Me? I'm finding nothing....
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Wow, I owe you a beer too Floydd (or hell, a case). Thanks!

BTW, what-i-found: I am in WA state and found stock, so they track at least some of that. It was from an old job I'd never converted after the company was purchased.
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Holy Moly! I get $100. Great link Floydd!
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Man, I get nothing. Strange how I feel almost gipped by that!
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Holy crap. Verizon, of all people, owes me money. How cool is that?
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Best answer to Floydd on the real. Thanks, man.
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Floydd: Those links would make an excellent FPP. I'd love to see a running total of reclaimed MeFi cash.
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Response by poster: Well, I still don't have any leads on Dads money, but I have found $600.00 it's all good. :-))
Still looking....but Floydd is my inspiration. Thanks!
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Thanks Floydd, and what-i-found, for the question. Didn't find anything for myself, but did find something over $50 for my mother, and one for an old friend as well.
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Does anyone know if there is anything like this for the UK? I'm pretty sure I abandoned a bank account and possibly a rental deposit there when my school term ended, and I've often wondered if the bank account in particular has grown to some huge and useful amount.
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Wowsers Floyd - I found $3500. I owe you more than a beer - I owe you hookers and blow.
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Floydd, I don't owe you a drink but my grandmother's estate, my mom's uncle, dad's sister, brother, sister-in-law and possibly 4 coworkers do. Thanks!
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Wow - nothing for me but my brother turned up - he'd better give me half....
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Here is the one for anybody else who lives in Victoria, Australia. Nothing there for me; maybe you'll have better luck.
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Holy cow Floydd, I just recovered 200-300 dollars!
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Floyd obviously wins `Hero of Ask.Me' status for the month!
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Wowzah. I just found $1002.40 for me and $300.00 for Mrs. Tacos.

I owe you a beer, indeed.
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Thanks, the New Zealand version just gave my mum nearly $500 NZ. Never would have known such a thing existed.
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Someones should buy Floydd a nice gift. Um, or Matt. Who's the most responsible for these splendiferous windfalls?
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...and I found $67. Cool.
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$300 from the state of Michigan! Kick ass.
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Floydd, you are so cool. A friend of mine is now $90 richer.
Wish all my friends had unusual names...
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My moms looks to be getting $100+. Thanks MeFi!
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I found about $1000 for my mom in New York - thanks Floydd! Is the extra d for dynamite?
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Add another $100+ for my uncle's estate. Thanks.
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Wow! Looks like I've got at least a 12 pack coming!
AND hookers and blow!! Sweet!!!
(Seriously, this thread makes smile down to my toes.)
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Man, I get nothing. Strange how I feel almost gipped by that!
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That is, until I looked in CA. Floydd, you rock the casbah!

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I also found some moola for me (I expect its small, but nonetheless fun) and quite a bunch for a whole passel of relatives. Floydd - you are the man !
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updating: $2500 for my grandmother, $50 for my stepdad, $100 for my brother, $575 for my aunt. My uncle also had a 'large' amount but hasn't reported back (I think he's afraid I'll ask for a cut)
Floydd, I think your 12 pack has just been upgraded :)
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Thanks for linking this in MeTa yesterday, floydd - I found some unclaimed funds for a relative. Very nice!
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