Help pick a name for a maybe future business?
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I've been spending a lot of time teaching older adults computer literacy skills. I've worked in retirement and nursing homes for years, and I'm very comfortable with older adults, and I love teaching, training and coaching. In order to further this service at work, I'm interested in creating a website that I can use a resource for my students, but I'm also interested in possibly expanding this as a future personal business. Please hope me name it!

I will be focusing on building comfort with computers and mobile devices for seniors, and I want to tackle topics like Building and Managing Passwords, Using Online Banking, Social Media Skills, and even things like basic HTML5. My thought is to start with narrated slideshows, ala Khan Academy, and cover a wide range from very basic to relatively advanced info. If I wind up doing this for money, I would also probably make house calls for tech help. So what's a good name for this not-yet-a-business? The best I've thought of so far is Computer Comfort, but that sounds dumb to me, and also is already taken by another organization. Give me your best names, Metafilter!
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cybermaturity! cyberetirees! cyberseniorsrule! cybergeezersrock!
computer whizters
online geezers
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This sounds like a great idea for a business. As someone approaching your target age group, if you want the name to be specific to older adults, I'd suggest something with "elder" in the title as the least likely to be offensive. I know quite a few people who really dislike "seniors" - to me, there's something condescending about it - and I'm sure as someone who works with this age group, you know that feeling condescended to is a problem. And I might refer to myself as a geezer, but I wouldn't go to a business that used that term unless the proprietor were in that age group as well. So maybe CyberElders?
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Im 70 years old and the "ElderGeek" approach doesnt work for me. Just plain Computer Stuff Explained works better.
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Straight Forward With Computers ( is available)
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On second thought, I think SemiSalt is right, but probably most possible names are going to be taken (argonauta's suggestion is good though). How about something with your name in it? Like "Martha Washington Computer Assist."
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I might stray from the word computer and use technology or tech instead. I've noticed a lot of older people I talk to have an iPad or smartphone but not a computer (and could use help with those devices, as well as getting photos off a camera, etc). I like the suggestion to work your name into it, like "learn tech with (name)."
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When I did this as a volunteer, my service was JAYS "Jesse at your side," and my logo was a bluejay. (Go for a distinctive color and larger type on the business card.)
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What about something with the word Luddite? Then it could appeal to anyone who isn't well-versed in tech, not just because of age. I thought of Luddite Tech.
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How about something like WebWise Tutoring?

Or any other business name composed of web/computer/online/cyber/digital + synonym of smart/savvy/capable. The short domain names seem mostly taken, but adding Tutoring (or Training) to the name solves that problem. is also available (as well as many other names with the .online-extension, although I don't know if that's too newfangled for your target group).

Your idea is really great! You could also eventually extend your services to other groups with low digital literacy (which is why you perhaps shouldn't emphasize old age in the name of your business).

You've probably already thought of this but be sure to include stuff like avoiding scams, recognizing phishing etc. to your curriculum. One of my mum's final achievements before retiring was opening an attachment and infecting her entire university department with a pesky Trojan...
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Thank you everyone for your great ideas! I agree that I want to avoid words that make people feel awkward, singled out, or discriminated against. I like Tech with [me] to start with. I think the ElderGeek approach could be cool, too, and maybe that's how I wind up working with people who want to acquire more advanced skills. My hope is to help people become fluid and comfortable with self directed learning. I found out today that free access to Microsoft Imagine Academy is available through our city library, so I'm going to start assigning MOS courses as homework for my classes at my work. I'm really excited to see how this all goes, and I hope to be on Projects soon!
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