Can you identify the medals worn by this Russian man?
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I saw this man in the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, Russia a few days ago. Can you identify the medals he is wearing? I put a big photo of him on Cloudup so you can see the medals close up - Here's the link

I might write about this man if I can find out a bit about his medals.
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On his right (our left) lapel, that is the "Order of the Patriotic War" (WWII or the Soviety-German war.) Some were issued as early as 1942 but they were given in 1985 to all living WWII veterans in the USSR.
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He's wearing the anniversary edition of that medal, given to veterans in 2015 (emblem is on round backing, has pendant loop, with ribbon).
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His peaked cap has the Russian naval ensign and the Russian Federation flag on it, though it's not an official uniform cap as far as I can tell.

The black and orange ribbon is presumably a St. George ribbon.

I think the pin on our left (his right) that says "Ударник" is a Shock Worker of Communist Labor pin from the 9th 5-year plan (1971-1975) If you google around for "Udarnik pins" you find it.
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Thank you for the answers!
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