Greyhound from Corvallis to Salem Oregon
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I need to travel from Corvallis to Salem. I've found a route that fits my needs, but I can't be late (I need to be there for a wedding). I've never used Greyhound: is there any likelihood that I might be two hours late?
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I mean, yeah, just like you might be late traveling in any car because of traffic, tie-ups because of accidents, etc. If it really would be a complete disaster for you to be late, you should probably travel the previous day.
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It happens. Seems to me (parent of a college student who frequently uses Greyhound to travel 500 miles from school to home) that it happens more often than not.
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I've ridden a fair number of Greyhounds, and I would follow holborne's advice: if you *cannot* be two hours late, try to go a day early.
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I have rarely had logistical issues with Greyhound. Amtrak is notorious on timing; Greyhound is pretty good. I'd give you a 98 percent chance to arrive within 10 minutes of arrival time. If you need it to be 100 percent, though, you should take an earlier trip; or just hire a cab or a shuttle or something, it's only a 26 mile trip or so.
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yeah, I used to Greyhound/Peter Pan/Trailways between Boston and NYC frequently, so two major cities, and the arrival-on-time was pretty decent even accounting for local gridlock during rush hour. I think they build some ease into the schedule and the drivers were savvy about alternate routes. It was mostly multiple lane highways though, is your route the same? Rome2Rio says it's 55 min by bus or 45 min to drive.
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Will this route take you on the Greyhound bus that originates in California and travels north on I-5 to Seattle? In my experience, that bus is frequently very late.

Other Greyhound routes are generally on time. You can call the station to ask.
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Yes. The Boston to New York run, when it hits heavy traffic, can be an hour or more late. You have the inherent uncertainty of traffic plus somewhat shaky infrastructure. I wouldn't risk it.
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I found when using greyhound about 15 years ago that it's usually on time. But when it's late, it's in the catastrophic range rather than the annoying range. For instance, I've been stuck for hours on a roadside greyhound while someone received medical attention.
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There absolutely is. In fact if my years of experience with Greyhound are representative, you're more likely to be 2 hours late than to be on time. And you won't get any compensation from them either. Or warning.
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Does the bus originate in Corvallis or is that stop part of a longer itinerary? Chances of running late increase as you get further into long routes.
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My Greyhound has never been late however other trips have been when I'm waiting in the station and when they are late - it's considerably late. We're talking hours, not 30-60 minutes. I think it's all about your level of comfort with risk
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Any mode of transportation could end up with you being two or more hours late. If you take the bus, the bus might break down. If you drive, you might hit traffic. If you fly, the weather might be uncooperative. If you walk you might twist an ankle.

If being late would be truly catastrophic, you need to leave more than two hours' buffer.
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I was on a greyhound once where the driver got wildly, comically lost and it took a long time to get unlost. So yes, even though they are generally pretty good, it does happen.
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Looks like Valley Retriever has shut down.

Hut Shuttle will be on time (they'll send out another bus if yours breaks down), but they mainly go to PDX airport, and they're expensive, $50 to airport. You'll have to check with them whether they'll let you step off at Salem (not sure what they'd do if you didn't tell them and did it).

Oregon Express Shuttle looks legit, but I have no direct experience with them.

Look at Cascades West Rideshare.

Look at DriveLessConnect.

There used to be a bulletin board in the MU for rides, not sure if that's still a thing.
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Just used Oregon Express Shuttle a few weeks ago to go from PDX to Corvallis...on-time, clean, affordable. Highly recommend.
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I ended up going with the Oregon Express Shuttle, and it worked out perfectly. On time, comfortable ride, and much nicer than a Grayhound. There was a little traffic, but I worked enough wiggle time to accommodate. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone trying to run between Oregon locales without access to a car.
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