Brigadoon casting
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I'm writing a short story loosely based on my years in summer stock theatre, and the characters are in a community production of Brigadoon. There's a joke about how each of the three protagonists has been cast: "[Girl 1] got to dance, [Girl 2] got a solo, and I got...a line." I know that the ingenue lead Jean has a dance scene, but would there be any group songs where a minor character would get to sing a line or two as a solo?
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I sang "What do ye do while you're waiting around for your lad to come your way?" in "Waiting for my Dearie."

YouTube video here, not of me obviously, and then the next girl sings "But when lassies sit and have no men, oh how long becomes the night!"
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"Jeannie's Packing Up" maybe? It's at a sort of combination bridal shower/packing Jean's trousseau right before the wedding scene with Jean and all the women; a couple pages later in the scene is when Charlie comes by the house and serenades her with "Come to Me Bend To Me".

Or maybe a line in "McConnachy Square".
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