Can I drink it: room-temperature Naked Juice?
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Yet again, I've taken something from my refrigerator/freezer in the morning, kept it in my purse all day, and find it room-temperature and questionable in the afternoon. This one is a Kale Blazer Naked Juice, expiration date Aug 17 2017, still sealed/never opened. I took it out of the refrigerator around 6 hours ago. Can I drink it?

It's not cool to the touch, just perfectly room-temperature. I know acidic content can affect the answer, so the ingredients are as follows: orange juice, kale puree, apple juice, cucumber juice, spinach juice, celery puree, ginger juice, lemon juice, natural flavors.

It was "gently pasteurized" but I am otherwise advised "perishable keep refrigerated."

I want to drink this $3 juice, but I also don't want to feel sick later. Thanks!
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I'd drink it.
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I'd drink it after that time frame, but I'd refrigerate it for a while first just because it won't be as pleasant to drink if it's warm.
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It's never been opened and has only been at room temp for 6 hours? I would totally drink it. I might re-chill it first just to make it more palatable, but I wouldn't worry about safety within those parameters.
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I have done this exact thing, re-chilled it, and had no problems.
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Never opened? Oh goodness, you're totally fine, they don't refrigerate it for shipping. (Honestly, I'd drink it even if it had been opened, but I wouldn't judge anyone for being more cautious in that scenario.)
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In a heartbeat. In that kind of controlled environment the worst thing that's going to happen to fruit juice is fermentation, which would take at least a day and which you'll notice because of the gasp of gases escaping when you open it.

And which would still probably be safe to drink, just a little . . . boozy.
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Totally fine, I've done this exact thing (but way longer out of fridge) many times.

It's pasteurized. So to first approximation nothing can grow in there, and certainly not in a few hours.
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I'd drink it.
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Would totally drink
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It would never even occur to me not to drink it.
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I drank it! Thanks for all of your input/reality checks. It's just been one of those months where everything feels a little scary, you know? Even the sugary, grainy "kale" "juice" I bought from the grocery store.
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FYI, at the place of business where I sell Naked juice, they are refrigerated when we receive them.
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