Quiet in downtown Austin?
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I'm staying downtown Austin this week and looking for some low-key places to hang out. I love that there are unique bars on every blocks, but I'm finding them a little overwhelming. Do you have any recommendations for a quiet bar or coffee shop in the area that one can kick back and watch the world go by without having to deal with loud music or college kids stumbling down Rainy street?
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For coffee downtown, try Houndstooth or Caffe Medici. The downtown Medici has an upstairs seating area that's removed from all the folks walking in and out so it's a little quieter.

For quieter downtown bars:
The Roosevelt Room
The upstairs bar at The Driskill
Coast, which is primarily a restaurant but it's hidden so its bar area is extremely mellow.
Small Victory

For both:
Wright Bros. Brew & Brew
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There are many such places. Avoid 5th and 6th streets between Congress and the freeway. Places outside of this area that look attractive probably are. I would certainly second the Roosevelt Room and the bar at the Driskill, but there are many other nice places.
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If the weather's nice (and I haven't lived through a Texas summer in a decade, so please excuse my willful naivete), sitting outside at Cenote is lovely.
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I'm told by someone who used to live in Austin and visits still:
The backyard of casino el Camino
Several places on south congress, on the block with gueros ornslightly north of there, there's also like pizza shops and stuff like that. Look for Vespas.

A fair number of good coffee shops on Airport and North Loop.

Oh it needs to be downtown, scratch airport and north loop.

Yeaaah I don't have much else to recommend.
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Seconding Brew & Brew, Cenote and Casino El Camino back yard (plus super great burgers). Adding Halcyon on a weeknight, weekends can get a little annoying b/c of downtown crowd. Also Side Bar on East 7th and eat at Koriente across the street. Easy Tiger has great beers & sausages as well, plus a chill back patio area.

If you want real relaxation head over to Barton Springs with a book, even if you don't go for a swim, there is great people watching and it's peaceful and cool under the big shady trees.
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Another vote for Small Victory. Garage Bar is another cocktail bar that is somewhat hidden.
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The Ginger Man is nice, especially during the day.
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If you're willing to cross the river, the courtyard bar of the San Jose Hotel on South Congress is delightful and chill.
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My favorite quiet local is Valhalla - neat location, mostly populated by locals (although Saturday nights will be lively) and they apparently serve food now, although I can't vouch for it. It's on Red River, so lots of good peoplewatching but more drunk locals/musicians than college kids.
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