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I need to schedule a full truckload freight shipment of 45 pallets of items to be picked up a week from now and hauled about 750 miles. Carrier will have to load them into truck and unload into a storage unit as I do not have a liftgate/forklift/dock. They need to be picked up at a certain time/day. How do I find somebody to do this?

I have posted on UShip and only received a bid from one person who I do not feel comfortable with the number of cancellations on their profile. I've tried to contact several freight companies directly and they want a company name, which I do not have. What is the best way to find somebody to do this for me?!
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You could try Freight Quote. I have used them (for a business) and they have been responsive and efficient, and their quote form at least has the option for residential customers.
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Not 100% sure this will work and your timing for pick-up in a week may get you a bunch of "that's impossible" but you could give a ring to the big, reputable household goods companies in your area. They may have options for commodities or "special products" and would potentially have labor to load and unload as well.
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Unishippers is like the priceline of LTL and FTL shipping.

You might be able to pin down the pickup day, but probably not the time. Most trucking companies won't roll that way, but you'll have better luck since you're requesting the whole truck.
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Have you looked at places like JB Hunt, FedEx Freight or UPS Freight? they're large enough that you should be able to speak directly to a person.

The number of pallets could be an issue if they're full size pallets. Best case scenario is you're able to fit 30 standard size pallets on a 53' trailer without stacking. I'm not sure what information is required to create a listing in U-Ship, but that could be something that's driving people away from bidding on the freight. I know if I had to stack pallets without a dock I wouldn't bid on it.
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