Teen court consequences
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At 16 this teenager was taken to the police station, they referred him to the teen court. Teen completed the program and got a letter indicating so. Does this event counts as an arrest? When completing a form should he answer he has been arrested? Does he have a record? If the answer is yes, what kind of record?
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What jurisdiction? What country or what US State?
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If there is a law school in your state they may offer a free legal clinic (presumably you do not have the resources to consult with a criminal lawyer for 15 minutes).
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thelonius: Broward County, Florida
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Teen court just called back. It was a civil citation, no record.
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Excellent. No record? He should absolutely say "no" if a form asks if he has been arrested.
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Is the teenager in question a U.S. citizen?
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He is a green card holder. Does the civil citation shows on the background check for the citizenship application?
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OK, I was imagining more like a job application. You need to talk about this to an immigration lawyer if by "a form" you mean, U.S. citizenship application.
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Talk to a lawyer immediately. Do not fill out any paperwork for any reason without the advice of an attorney who specializes in immigration law. Errors/discrepancies of this nature can seriously jeopardize a person's ability to naturalize.
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