How can I stream HBO Now in Brazil legitimately?
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I will be in Brazil for the next few weeks and would like to watch HBO Now. I know I can not use my US HBO Go or Now accounts here, but according to HBO's website and several news articles, they launched a version of HBO Now here last year. No one I know here knows how to order or access this and my Portuguese is not strong. Is there a way to subscribe to this legitimately?

I am aware of but not interested in VPNs/Proxys/torrents/etc..., only a legitimate subscription source. I should have decent internet speed but not cable. I would be willing to pay for a few months of service here is needed. I can also get a CPF of needed. Could be watched on Windows laptop, iOS or Android phone.

Bonus: Will the programs here have English language tracks or subtitles available?
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I don't think HBO Now is available in Brazil. All the reports I found online say that they will be launching 'later in the year' (2016) but there is no actual launch announcement. The Latin American version of the HBO website doesn't list HBO Now as an available product.
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Honest question - why no VPN?
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HBO Go is available only in a few states (Mato Grosso do Sul, EspĂ­rito Santo, Distrito Federal, and Bahia).

The cable service Net has an online platform too, Now Online. They have HBO content, subtitled, you can turn off the titles. I imagine you'd have to have someone guiding you through the process of subscribing, it's not straight forward. Also, you'd have to subscribe to cable, even if not using it, which might be more expensive than you were willing to pay (I think it's a little over R$200/month + connecting fees I suppose).
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