Help me find a better plain white tee
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Plain white t-shirts (paired with more statement-y shorts, pants, and shoes) have become my uniform. I have so far been well-served by uniqlo's offering, but if I'm going to be wearing the same shirt 3-5 days per week I think I can do better than basically an undershirt. Additional requirement: ethically produced, and not more than $30 each. Help?
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My go to t-shirt is the LL Bean "unshrinkable" tee. I think they come in white but I don't have any white ones.
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I recommend Everlane.
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I have liked both Bean and Eddie Bauer cotton T's. If you are concerned about the ethics thing, and it's only a tangential thing, there are many who have stopped buying Bean because of one of Bean family support for the Trumps.
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Consider Apolis. I have another type of t-shirt from them, not this one, and it is lovely.
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American Giant makes plain white tshirts. They seem well made and my experience with their products is that they're very durable.
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Pistol Lake (crew neck, V-Neck). High quality, made in LA, $30/$25 pre-order.
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Made in the US, quite comfortable.
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I've some Zorrel's that i absolutely love:
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