Web site for peer-to-peer music recommendations?
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There are several web sites that use an algorithm to issue music recommendations. What I'm looking for, though, is a site where humans offer suggestions to other humans. Any suggestions?
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Rate Your Music
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Some of the longest, most info rich AskMe's are about music recommendations...
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Yep, we'll do it for you.
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AskMetafilter is the best for that.
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I've wanted this for awhile too. The best options I've been able to find are the aforementioned RYM, whose forums are decent as far as they go, and whose charts of best user-reviewed/-rated albums are sort of an amalgam version of what you're wishing for. You may find that exploring the comments on Last.FM pages for artists and albums may bear some occasional fruit. Metacritic and AnyDecentMusic collect scores and provide synopses of professional reviews, and I've found that helpful in a different way.
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Quora might be a good avenue to try as well.
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Hey t(h)om(as)! Just following up to share that the Sonemic.com beta (fka RateYourMusic) just launched. Marked improvement. Custom charts now include more than genres and dates — you can build your own using descriptors of style, lyric, form, mood, and influencing genres. I'm a little in awe. See here for an example I created. The new album pages are treasure troves, as well.
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