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You are not my insurance company. House was burglarized last night. They got my laptop, which I paid about $900 for about 6 months ago.

Doors were locked; windows were open. No home security system (obviously). My question: is it worth filing a claim on the laptop? Is our rate likely to be increased due to the generally unsecured nature of our house? Anecdata welcome. Thanks all.
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What's your deductible? Is there a limit on the value of single items?
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Good question. I better look into that.
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Your credit card that you used for the purchase may have had insurance for the item, maybe look into that?
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This will depend on the laws where you live. A $900 claim on home insurance is not really what home insurance is for. You almost for sure have at least a $500 deductible. So you are claiming for at best just half the cost of the laptop. If you get a price increase post claim you can change companies but they will ask if you have any claims in x most recent years on the new application and adjust your premium up.

When I worked personal lines insurance in Canada your policy would be reviewed and probably cancelled if you had two largish claims (home insurance, being technically optional unlike car insurance, is/was seriously unregulated in Ontario - nobody had to insure you).
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I'm sorry this happened to you. Just anecdata, but in a similar situation, I was told it would definitely not be worth it to make a homeowner's insurance claim.
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I have 1000 deductible because i know i won't claim anything other than a big event. I'd go higher, but the savings were negligible. Crummy experience, sorry you have to deal with this.
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