ARGH, my teeth!
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This morning, I threw on Crest White strips for thirty minutes. By this afternoon, it felt like my teeth were literally burning (more accurately it feels like little "zaps") every time I breath in air or drink water. What I can I buy/do to mitigate the sensitivity as soon as possible?

What I've done so far: Brushed with Sensodyne, used ACT restoring mouthwash, flossed, and prayed to every deity imaginable. I googled this question, but couldn't find too much information. I did stumble across a product called Crest Sensi-Strips, and I bought it from Amazon, but there are no nearby stores that sell it.

Would Oragel work in my situation? From what I understand, that's mainly for toothaches, but I'm willing to try anything. Any other OTC products? Is there anything I could get from a dentist tomorrow without an appointment? Any home remedies for this?

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Heh, yeah. I'm the only person in my family who couldn't use their mouths to light up the woods at night because even whitening products for sensitive teeth make me feel like my teeth are cracking. Avoid acidic anything for the next few days and keep using the Sensodyne. It will be ok in about three days.
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Orajel should work if there are areas you can pinpoint that are bad. I wouldn't coat my whole mouth with it, though. Sensodyne should start working soon (brush lightly for longer, and let it sit on your teeth for a bit before spitting it out. Don't rinse).

I think some people's teeth are just ultra sensitive to the chemicals in teeth whitening products.
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Also, if you do want to try again with the sensitive tooth whitener, I would put it on for a third of the amount of time it says to on the instructions. Then, if that's okay, build up to the full 30 minutes or so. That might be overly cautious, but I know the pain you're describing all too well and I avoid it any way I can.
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Drink warm, not hot, water, until it wears off. Sorry.
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For the love of Pete, have you taken any pain relievers? I'd got for Advil, but if NSAIDs aren't your thing Tylenol works too. That should stop the pain at the root level better than any topical treatment.
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Likely you dehydrated your teeth pretty badly, which they don't like, it's temporary but it's a lesson about the concentration of bleach or the time in contact that your teeth don't like.
Also, if you have root exposure or decay these symptoms will be worse than if you don't.
Orajel is benzocaine and won't help other than coating the teeth and keeping to cold from penetrating.
It takes a few hours for the normal protective pellicle to reform after bleaching since you've basically burnt it away.

IAAD , but not yours of course
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Thanks for the responses, everyone! I haven't taken any pain relievers before reading this thread, but I definitely just did. I also tried the sensodyne method, and it took a bit of the edge off.
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Probably too late now it's the weekend, but I've complained to my dentist before about sensitivity including 'zappy' spots -- they give me a fluoride varnish (basically the fluoride treatment they use on kids) and it provides fast relief.
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I have sensitive teeth (even without bleaching) and (on the advice of a dentist) when they get bad I rub sensodyne right on my teeth with a finger and just leave it there; even over night sometimes.
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