Getting photos off iPad onto an external drive in JPG
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Asking for my SO I want to get photos which were taken with an iPad copied to a external drive in JPG format so that those photos can be used without reference to anything Apple makes or supplies. Is this possible ?

I have 5Gb of photos taken and stored on an iPad (IOS 10.x) .

The photos have not been mirrored to the Apple cloud storage facility (although as an interim step they could be if there was no other alternative).

I don't have any other Apple hardware. I do have a Windows computer and an external disk drive.

What I would like is, once I've finished the process, is to not be dependent upon : the iPad; iTunes; or the Apple cloud storage facility.

The model appears to be an iPad Air . The model number shown in the settings is MD785X/B .

Would appreciate any suggestions or guidance.
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1. Plug iPad into Windows computer with Lightning to USB cable (the same one you use to charge).

2. When prompted by Windows, choose something like "open device to view files" (folder icon); the exact language and dialog box varies by Windows version.

3. Inside the "drive" that opens as a result, navigate to the folder DCIM and the folder 100APPLE within it (there may also be 101APPLE, 102APPLE, etc).

4. There are your photos, already as JPEG files. Drag them to another folder on your PC.

If you need a more specific step (2), please specify exact version of Windows. It should be pretty clear, however, once you try.

Or for longer instructions, see this Apple support page, and choose "Import to Your PC".

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Shouldn't be any different from an Android phone -- with the caveat that on iOS photos are the *only* thing you can access without iTunes, and only the photos in the "Camera Roll". Photos taken with the device should qualify, so there's nothing special you have to do aside from choosing "Trust" when prompted on the iPad after plugging in.
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You can also upload the photos to a google drive account. (It's free to download the google drive app if you don't have it already.) You can then use any computer to download the photos and add them to the external hard drive.

I do this all the time. It's convenient if you want to upload the photos without having your computer on hand.
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For future reference, there are a million apps that will backup your photos as you take them to anywhere you wish. For example I do this with Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Storage, Google Drive, and the app for my own NAS computer at home. No matter where I am or what happens to the device I have 4 copies that aren't on Apple's servers already.
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Thanks to all of you for your answers - with your help it was much easier than I had imagined
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