"Beijing Soccer Heroes"
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I desperately need (well want) a copy of 1987 Chinese movie "Soccer Heroes" aka "Beijing Soccer Heroes" aka 京都球俠 (Jing du qiu xia)

I am looking for a copy in (any format ) of Beijing Soccer Heroes 京都球俠 (Jing du qiu xia). It is a silly movie about a team of European football players playing against a team of workers. I am in it as one of the European players, and would like a copy to show my son that I wasn't always a fat mouse potatoe. I cant find a copy searching by the English title and my mandarin is too rubbish to use a Chinese site. Xie Xie.

Note to Asian Movie Buffs: Soccer Heroes (1987) was the first to combine Kung Fu and football, not Stephen Chow's "Shaolin Soccer" (Though his is better)
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This site is selling it on video for $35 dollars - their secure order form appears to be down but there's a contact phone number that's in California that might be worth a call.
Funnily enough I watched an interview with Stephen Chow last night where he was claiming that he found it difficult to raise money for "Shaolin Soccer" as no-one had done anything like it before.
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capital city soccer knights! sweet. I'd try here, you should be able to muddle through the checkout process. otherwise, I might be able to help directly if you can wait a week or two.
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(shopping cart is "购物车里" near the top)
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whoa, that's not the link I wanted to paste. now I have to find the one I did..
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Best answer: yeah, this is the one I wanted but it's not as 英語-friendly. I still think you can muddle through it, or find a friend that can help (at work?). if not, maybe we can work something out privately.
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Response by poster: thanks KCM. I am on it.
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