Update on versions of Amazing Grace
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I'd love some updated suggestions of beautiful versions of the song, "Amazing Grace"... Previously.. I am most interested in modern and/or rock versions. thanks all!
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dropkick murphys has a celtic punk version! i'm sorry i can't link it (youtube is being difficult for me right now) but it's easily accessible there if you search.
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Modern gospel okay? The Gaither Vocal Band does a good rendition.
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I've always been partial to The Lemonheads' sprightly punk/powerpop/rock/thrashy version, back from when The Lemonheads were awesome.
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Ani DiFranco does a nice version on her album Dialate.
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I have to admit, I always enjoyed this rendition at the end of the otherwise weird-as-hell Maverick remake.
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It disturbs me that someone produced this rendition, presumably not as a parody.

But, seriously, there's also "Broken Vessels", by Hillsong Worship, which is a quite nice rendition.

And here's the aforementioned Dropkick Murphys' rendition -- the punk kicks in at 1m8s.
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Try Tramaine Hawkins -- great version.

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