Good book -- but title bereft.
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I'm a decent writer but I suck when it comes to coming up with titles. I need some assistance from the hive please.

Presently I'm compiling some of my post popular articles together for a new book -- a compendium.

The 'challenge' I'm wrangling with is that the topics I write about: astrology*, meditation, pop culture, politics, spirituality and exposes on charlatanism -- makes for a wild array to try and corral under one title.

Does reading the above set off any bells or associations or doulbe entendres re a title idea? I'd happily credit you should someone hit a home run.

* I take astrology seriously, fyi.

Thanks folks!
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Can you give us more context? Is this from a regular column/blog/whatever that is part of a platform with an existing audience? That has a regular name? Because then, IMHO, you may want to reference that in some way as well.
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Usually a compendium of articles is titled using one of the author's more witty article titles, followed by "and other stories..." or something in a similar vein. Would that work?
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Yes Bella Donna -- it's a popular metaphysical-oriented site, 10-years online.

I'd planned on working the name of the site into a sub-heading or blurb type thing atop the book's title.

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Adventures in Astrology (or Aspects of Astrology)
WEBSITE's YOUR NAME on astrology*, charlatans, meditation, and more

*Ideally something more specific that your readers would understand. As I know nothing about astrology I can't help you there.

I'd poke around Amazon to find what is emphasised by the most popular books on astrology (or whatever the most marketable aspect of your book is) and hammer that in some way if possible. Because marketing!

There's a history of book titles following the lead of a best-seller. So you get stuff like:

Adventures in X
XX Nation (Fast Food, Pink Collar, etc.)
suffix stuff like ology (Buylogy, Freakonomics, etc.)

Titles are hard. Best of luck!
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Very Wide Array, with a picture of a long line of radio telescopes. Subtitled "Signals, Noise, and the Lessons of Listening," or similar.

Maybe the sky behind the telescopes is . . . altered somehow.
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Caxton1476, that's bitchin' -- def gives me something to build off of.

And Bella, some solid suggestions too.

Thank you both.
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"Star Gaze" or "Stargazing" touches astrology, pop culture, and perhaps the others as well.
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"Evening's Empires"

Subtitle: "Astrology, Meditation, and Pop Culture"
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Popular Zen
Zen Populi
Popular Alchemy
Om on the Range
Elemental Matters
Fresh Treats

Obviously many of these ideas take a subtitle.
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OMG, carmicha -- Om On The Range -- you gotta keep that for one for yourself. Brilliant!

My book touches on mediation as an adjunct -- so it isn't really a central topic like astrology and pop culture material. Love Elemental Matters too.

Thanks you!
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Sidereal Time: Essays on....
Zeniths and Nadirs
Signs and Aspects
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