Adult ADHD Counselling in San Francisco
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I'm looking for recommendations for mental health professionals in San Francisco that I could talk to about managing adult ADHD.

I have always had problems with procrastination and focus, and have spoken to therapists once or twice about how this negatively impacts my life, but I've never been diagnosed with ADHD or been in serious therapy for it. I would like to talk to a mental health professional to come up with strategies to be more focused and productive. I'm open to taking medication as part of a solution, but I'd like to talk to someone who will take a holistic approach.

Essentially, I have a hard time making myself shut off Twitter and Metafilter and getting down to work, especially on boring or intellectually intimidating tasks. When I read descriptions of ADHD online, a lot of it rings true to me. This has been a problem for my for my entire life, but it has gotten worse lately as I have moved into a more open-ended, self-directed role at work; I no longer have external client deadlines and concrete deliverables to create the pressure I need to be productive.

The big issue is that I like my job when I can get down to it, and my failure to fully engage with it makes me feel anxious and depressed, like I'm taking the opportunity for granted and am not taking full advantage of my abilities.

I'm a 30 years old, male, and have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, but would be willing to pay out of pocket for the right help.

I've seen this previous question, recommending this place, and I will give them a call, but would like to know if the hivemind has identified any other good resources in the Bay Area since 2011.

If you'd like to reach out anonymously, please email me at
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Howdy. I can't answer your specific question (sorry!) but as a person diagnosed with ADHD I wanted to mention Additude magazine, an online resource for diagnosed adults (and others) including lots of tips for managing your life. There have been roughly a zillion Qs here about dealing with procrastination as well and lots of good answers. Personally, I find myself researching solutions to procrastination usually when I'm just about to miss a deadline. Yikes! Best of luck and feel free to PM me if you like.
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You may have read the ADHD book "Driven to Distraction" by Ned Hallowell already (and if you haven't, check it out!) - his practice has a branch right on Market St. near the Embarcadero BART stop:
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