Matte liquid lipstick!
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Kat vond D Everlasting Lipstick versus Beauty Bakerie versus Stila All Day versus????

I have the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw. Things I like about the Kat Von D:

- Much better staying power than anything else I've tried so far (mostly Benefit and Bite lipsticks).
- If I apply it properly, little transference.
- The color is absolutely frickin' perfect on me.

Things I don't like:

- I still don't get eight hours of staying power. I usually get three-to-four between meals.
- And when it does come off, it tends to do so first in a patch around the center of my mouth, which looks awful.
- Reapplication is terrible.
- I still get some transfer issues if I haven't been diligent about making sure about doing a single layer/scraping excess paint off in the tube.
- Drying as alll hell, and if I put a little lip balm or Bite Agave Mask underneath first, I get transference/staying power issues.

Google and friends tell me around has people saying that Lip Whip is even more un-budgeable than the Kat Von D. Prior Metafilter threads have people saying nice things about Stila All Day, too, but will these have all the same problems? Or is this really an issue of technique, or using a lip sealer or something else?
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Revlon Colorstay Overtime stays all day on me -- sometimes it's still there the next morning. Bonus: costs $10 and available at any drugstore!
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In my experience, only the two-step liquid lipsticks are worth the paper they're written on. And then only if I apply them absolutely correctly.

Anything by Maybelline, Cover Girl or L'Oréal would really be fine.

Here's what I do:


Glop lips with Vaseline and keep doing so right up until the moment I'm about to put the lipstick on.

After sunscreen and/or foundation is applied, firmly blot (don't scrub) Vaseline away until there is no trace of grease left on the lips.

Carefully and smoothly apply one thin but substantial coat of lip colour.

Set timer for 2 minutes. Do not allow lips to touch anything, including each other.

Blot lips with one ply of a tissue. Apply another coat.

Set timer for 10 minutes. Do not allow lips to touch anything, including each other.

Apply the balm.

Reapply balm as needed throughout the day.


This will keep lipstick good, but not Instagram-perfect, until the end of the day, provided you don't eat a lot of oily foods.
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Maybelline Superstay 24 is amazing on me--18+ hours, almost without fail. On more than one occasion, I've worn it for ~36 without any touchups, and it was fine.

That said, as someone who really loves these long-wear lipsticks, some of the things you're experiencing seem to be pretty universal. The wear starting at the center of your mouth is almost unavoidable, for example, and reapplication almost always requires full removal and reapplication. (The lipstick is soluble to itself, sort of? I don't know the technical terms, but when I've had to remove it fast, putting on a fresh layer and then wiping it all off with a tissue is the surest way to get rid of it, for me.) They're also oil soluble, so if you're eating oily or greasy things at meals and it gets on your lips, that can be part of it. (I find that salad dressing is often damaging, for example.)

Some formulas are less drying than others, but this seems to be entirely specific to the person. The Maybelline stuff that I like has a clear lip balm that you can apply over the top of it, which I find helpful. It's probably worth picking up a few of the drugstore formulas to see if any of them work for you--a lot of it really does seem to be dependent on your personal body chemistry.
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I prefer the Stila to Kat von D, but it has all those problems as well. It seems to be the nature of the beast. When I exfoliate and apply vaseline the night before, it works best. But I do find the Stila less drying and much more opaque/even. Others love Kat von D, so YMMV. Still beats the problems I've had with every other lipstick I've ever tried though.
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I love the Kat von D and the Stila, own multiples of both, but find Kat von D to actually be a little more comfortable to wear but not as long lasting. Stila is a bit drying but awesome for not transferring and long wear, but has a problem of creating "butt hole lip" as it wears off. Def. needs a full lip coloring in with a good lip liner first.

HOWEVER!!!! for a drugstore brand, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the NYX liquids. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, the NYX Liquid Suede and the NYX Lip Lingerie (for nude tones) all kick ass. For me:
- I find they wear comfortably (more comfortable than Stila), last a long time, quite good for not transfering.
- They reapply well and don't create the weird crusty build up clumps that Stila creates. Its almost like when you reapply it "reactivates" the old lipstick and lets you smooth it all out a new.
- They mix together really well to make custom colours. I find they three different types all coexist well and blendable (on the lips) to create different shades and colours.

I also love the NYX matte lipstick bullets in general. For a stick, those are shockingly long wear for me and very comfortable.

I love NYX lipsticks so hard, you have no idea. Probably a third of my very large lipstick collection is NYX.
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I really like the ColourPop Ultra Matte. I like the colors, the texture is good, and they're so much less expensive than Stila or Kat von D or lines like that.
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Friends swear by It's Whipped Lip Mousse, but the price point is similar to Kat.
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I am also a fan of the Kat von D liquid lipsticks (the non-liquid ones are great too - not as long lasting but they fade more evenly).

The opaque rouge liquid lipsticks from Hourglass are my other favorite. I find them a little more drying that the Kat von D version, but they do stay better. The red in this line (icon) is very good.

On the far other side of the spectrum, Shiro Cosmetic's tinted lip balms can be applied with no mirror but have excellent color. Not much staying power, but they fade 100% evenly and reapplying is as easy as chapstick. They're my choice for when I want to wear lipstick but not be hassled with reapplication/fading problems.
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seconding the NYX suggestion. The Liquid Suede line is ridiculously great.
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Thirding NYX, though I do find they wear slightly faster than the Stila ones, which consistently last 6-8 hours for me. I also recently tried a Smashbox liquid lip that was fantastic.
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I'm here to second PuppetMcSockerson's suggestion of Nyx products, but here's one more - I find that if I apply the Nyx Lip Primer to clean lips then any regular lipstick will last 3-4 hours easily over the top without any drying feeling or general crustiness. It *will* require a little top up of colour after eating, but it tends to fade more gracefully than the all-day stuff and will not give you butt-hole lips.
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Honestly, I love the Wet N' Wild Catsuit lipstick. It doesn't turn my lips into the Sahara, and fades evenly - when it does fade. It is a pain to remove, though. I usually need to use Micellar Water on a cotton pad to remove it all. I'm definitely not in love with the color offering, though, so that's the major trade off (but I love MLBB shades, so YMMV).

Kat Von D made my lips PEEL - thankfully, I only had a sample size, but still. Stila didn't peel my lips, but still felt rather dry.
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If you haven't availed yourself of Stephanie Nicole's liquid lipstick reviews then do!

Love the Kat von D -- it's one of the few that actually fades on me in a non ring around the mouth way. I think it comes down to body chemistry. I also like the Lime Crime Velvetines and the Dose of Colors offerings. I just saw that Bite Beauty has launched matte lips at Sephora so I'm excited to check those out.
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agreed about stephanie nicole!!! and, the beauty bakerie whips are seriously stay all day. you'll need to balm up before and after, and i'd recommend getting the removing pads, too. nothing else worked for me to get that off, but it was SO pretty when it was on.
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A friend of mine did a test on her blog and likes the Nars Powermatte, precisely because when it does wear off, like when eating greasy foods, it wears off in a not-blotchy way and is easier to re-apply without having to go crazy trying to remove the old stuff first. I like liquid matte lipsticks too, but I NEED to be able to re-apply in a dimly lit bar or restaurant bathroom or else what's the point? So easy re-application is a big seller for me and I'm trying the Nars next. (Though I love NYX Epic Ink liquid liner so the recommendations for their lip products above are intriguing too.)
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oxfordcomma's comment above reminded me that I had a wet'n'wild liquid catsuit lipstick that I hadn't tried yet, and I wore it yesterday/last night and it was shockingly good--lasted through a long sweaty day and a greasy dinner and faded evenly without leaving lines around the edges. So, seconding that recommendation.
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Yay, thanks for the advice, folks! I have lots of new awesome things to try! Particular thanks to tel3path with a breakdown of how to apply and We'll all float on okay for the links to the reviews, because I am beginning from a baseline of total ignorance. :D
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