The Newsroom TV Show with Sloan Interview
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I swear I thought there was a clip where Sloan Sabbith interviews a Republican about the consequences of not extending the National Deficit limit in congress. After trying to look for it, I could only find scenes where she is preaching to her fellow co-workers.
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It does happen in the election night episode. The Congressman can't hear her because of the party. I can't find a clip for it but you're not wrong.
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Election night spans episodes 8 and 9 of season two. You can watch them via Amazon Prime for free if you're a member or for 2.99 each otherwise. .
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Something about my first answer felt off so I did more digging and it's actually the midterms, featured in season 1 episode 3 where it comes up. I still can't find anything on YouTube but that's the episode that takes place during the right time period.
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Well I guess it's a phantom memory. I've looked for a long time including re-watching/skipping through the episodes. I found the premise very interesting. Thanks all, be the greater fool :).
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