Can I put an underwire bikini top in an extractor?
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That's pretty much my question. I'm going swimming with a friend at the Y tonight. Last time we went I didn't use the water extractor spinny thing because I didn't want to muck up the underwire on my bathing suit top. But then I got stuck with the soggiest bathing suit on the subway. So I'd like to use the extractor but I also love my bathing suit so I'm hesitant. Should I or shouldn't I? (I should note that this top is a 42DD so it's no small thing, in case that makes a difference.)
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Best answer: If you really love this suit, I wouldn't. Extractors shorten the lifespan of a suit (in my experience). However if the things underwire is decently made in the suit it shouldn't do anything like twist the wire. Put the cups flat on the side or bottom of the extractor to help protect them.
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Best answer: I had a 34E bikini top *clasp* break in an extractor. It was a heavy duty clasp that I was never able to replace and it was a total bummer. So if you have one, I'll second the "no".
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Best answer: Extractors are AWESOME, but they are rough on suits. I would not put a beloved suit in an extractor.

Instead, I would bring a large zip-top bag for the damp suit. If you are at a Y that provides towels, you can roll the top in a towels and gently press to remove a ton of water before putting it in a plastic bag.
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Best answer: My old gym had a sign saying NOT to use the suit spinner if your suit had any sort of metal on/in it. I know how tough it is for us amply endowed folks to find nice suits...another vote for keeping it out of there.
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Response by poster: I ADORE this suit and as Elly Vortex points out, they're hard to come by (this is hands down my favorite suit in my entire life), so there's my answer!
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Is it possible to put the top in a zip lock bag until you get home?
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No, no no!! I do not put any of my suits in the extractor any more, and they do not have underwire. Suits get eaten by any chlorine pool anyhow, and I found they last a shorter time if put in the extractor. I wring mine a bit by hand then put them in a plastic bad to take home.
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