Food in Vegas, Veggie edition
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We won't have a rental car, so probably most things we'd do would be on the strip. Neither of us have been to Vegas in years, and understand the dining options have evolved quite a bit from the all-you-can-eat buffets I remember. We eat very little meat. What vegetarian/pescatarian restaurants or meals shouldn't we miss? I did see these two previouslys, but figured restaurants change quickly.
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All the restaurants at the Wynn have vegetarian or vegan options. Even their steakhouse had a pretty reasonable main dish, and the day's amuse bouche was even vegan.
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The Wynn and Encore have full vegan menus in all their restaurants and I'm sure have even more options for vegetarians. I was particularly impressed by Sinatra, and I like Andrea's quite a bit (though it is incredibly loud). Allegro is also much better than it sounds (the description reads very New Jersey red sauce Italian and it's much better than that). I could take or leave Mizumi, Lakeside and Tableau (they're fine, but just not quite good enough for the price), but I think the rest of the restaurants there are consistently good and often great (don't discount SW Steakhouse, their vegan options are awesome). La Cave is super nice for late afternoon wine and snacks.

Sage at the Aria also does a full vegan menu, so I'm sure they could also do vegetarian. It was uneven - the highlights were excellent but there were some boring, cliched dishes too. I think most of the Aria restaurants have pretty good vegetarian options. Mandalay Bay has a bunch of more causal veggie options - Hussong's Cantina has a full menu of fake meat options, for example. A lot of the restaurants at the new SLS looked veggie friendly too, but I haven't been to those.

Downtown has a ton of more affordable veggie options. I really like Vegenation (get the tamales!). Container Park has some good stuff too. It's a fairly quick cab ride from the strip. The Neon Museum is worth a visit if you want a non-food recommendation too.
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Also, Scarpetta is great for vegetarians (I haven't been to the one in Vegas, but have been to other outposts) - there's a full vegetarian menu - you just have to know to ask for it. Similarly, most Mario Batali restaurants are very vegetarian-friendly, and there are tons of them in the casinos.

Jaleo and Aureole both have nice looking vegetarian options, but I haven't actually been to either of them.
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Ronald's Donuts has vegan doughnuts. Some of the best no-frills (your basic flavors you'd find in any doughnut shops--chocolate, glazed, etc) doughnuts I've gotten. Most places that do vegan doughnuts spend wayyyy too much time developing novelty flavors and not enough time executing solid doughnuts (looking at you, Voodoo). It's cash-only.

If you like mock meats, Veggie House serves an array. I had a vegan shrimp dish there and it was really good. They even have a vegan shark fin soup!
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And of course download the Happy Cow app to know about veg-friendly places all around the globe. I loved Vegenation. And Vege-way are some awesome vegan drive-through burger places that are relatively new. The vegan nachos at Nacho Daddy, right on the strip, are extremely good.
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Sushi samba was pretty good last time I went, but it's been a few years.
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These all sound great! It looks like we'll have to do a day downtown, for both the Neon and Mob museums and Vegenation!
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That Wolfgang Puck restaurant at the MGM Grand was rather remarkable to me, in that it was a sit-down restaurant that somehow managed to do about 18 different cuisines at a better-than-average level. It was incredibly easy to pick and choose from small and larger plates in various styles and cuisines - almost like a buffet without the feeling that it had been sitting under a heat lamp for an hour.

I'd say my standards for food are above average to high, and I tend to hover in the pescetarian area as well, so take that into consideration. Even the side of corn, that could very well have been dumped out of a can for all we knew, was still rather crisp and seasoned delectably.
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