Looking for old Mitsubishi radio ads with gravelly voiced announcer
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I'm looking for recordings of an old series of Mitsubishi car radio ads with a gravelly voiced announcer. Can anyone help me find it or info about it?

I remember Mitsubishi used to run a series of radio ads that had the premise that a certain guy was calling people up trying to convince them to buy a Mitsubishi, and the person he would be talking to would be some sort of caricature.

One ad featured him talking to a biologist who specialized in breeding giant food plants whose previous car had been crushed in a mishap with a giant peanut leading him to lament "I hate legumes". In another, one I'd especially like to find a recording of, he's talking to a teenage clerk at a fast food stand who keeps using "teen lingo" that the announcer finds confusing, like describing their food as "the bomb diggity" to which the announcer replies, befuddled "ziggity bop".

I believe I've found one indirect link placing their approximate time. At this forum in 2008, "Commercials I Hate" someone is complaining about how much they hate these ads.

Does anyone remember these ads? Can anyone help me find a recording of any of them?
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Was it this voice?
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Sadly, no. The voice from that tv ad is like silk compared to the radio guy. He was putting on an intentionally gruff and comically pushy character.
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They don't sound familiar to me, but you might try talking to some Mitsubishi dealers in your area - they will probably remember them better than the average person.
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